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A few friendly reminders ...

• NO ripped clothing.
• NO open toed shoes.
• Hair must be pulled back into a bun or braid.
• NO short shorts.
• Cell phones are now ok to have on you, but please don’t use them often or where customers can see you!

NOTE: Please email your schedule request to hours@hotchocolatesparrow.com by Saturday night. Emails received after that will not be accepted. 

Schedule• 2/18/2024 - 2/24/2024


Cafe Phone List

Sick Time

Form Click on the link below to print out or download a form that authorizes the use of earned sick time. It should ideally be turned in the same week the sickness occurs.


Pay Stubs & Tax Forms

Now you can access your pay stubs and tax forms on-line!  Click on the Paychex logo to set up your account (follow the "sign-up" link at the bottom of the little box that appears). Remember to write down the username and password you create!!  If you have any problems, call 1-888-246-7500, option 4.

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